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Minimi is my absolute favorite! 

As a first time mum looking at different options between disposable and reusable nappies, particularly those for a big baby, I have tried well over a dozen brands and Minimi is my absolute favorite! They have had an amazing fit from a big 8 week old to my now super tall toddler at 16kg. Currently we are only at half the rise snaps and have so much more room to go which is so good considering we have now outgrown several brands! The absorbent capacity of the inserts can withstand a really heavy wetter and the shells themselves are nearly bombproof- not only in the ability to contain some of the biggest explosive moments but also the PUL and elastics withstood an accidental 3hr 90 degree wash with no apparent damage! Highly rate these nappies and love how easy they are to use, even the Grandparents love the modern nappies and are well into using them.
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