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Breast Pads | Contoured Bamboo Cotton | REM

Breast Pads | Contoured Bamboo Cotton | REM

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REM is where dreams are vivid, and memories are saved.

REM is an exploration of the intense colours and features of Rapid Eye Movement sleep. REM is so important when learning and is essential to mammals and birds. Our babies are learning so rapidly, they spend a lot of time in REM sleep.
With a tie dye, mood ring background and a tropical foliage design, REM is the perfect non-floral floral for summer.
A print lovingly drawn and designed for all of you by Boss Mumma NZ and Minimi®, both NZ female artists.

Our brand new custom designed breast pads are made with a woman's body and comfort in mind. Perfectly contoured to sit comfortably against the breast, reducing bunching with a larger surface area to sit snug in the bra and limit slipping. 

The copyrighted design of our rounded triangular contoured breast pad has been crafted to have extra absorbency just under the nipple where leaks flow more. The contour allows the nipple to sit comfortably in the curvature. 

Our absorbency is 2 layers of beautifully soft 280gsm bamboo/cotton blend knit that give superior absorption whilst being gentle on the breast and nipple.

The outer layer of PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric) gives a waterproof barrier preventing leaks through your clothing. 

Available in our beautiful limited-edition custom prints and muted solid colours.

 Just pop in the wash and dry before the first use.

Designed, tested, and used in New Zealand by a cloth mum and responsibly made in a small factory in China where the wonderful, experienced employees are treated fairly.

  Prints copyrighted © Minimi® 2021

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