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Nappies & Inserts

Do I need to soak my inserts before use?

Nope. All you need to do to prepare our products for use is give them a wash and dry thoroughly. Inserts will build absorbency over the next 8-12 washes to reach maximum thirstiness. Absorbency is increased through friction and roughing up of the fibres to allow for more expansion so soaking is unnecessary.


Do I put the inserts in the pocket or lay on top?

Both are fine! Whichever works for you and your bubba. All our inserts being made of super soft bamboo/cotton are completely safe on skin, and our XL Night Hemp Insert has a soft bamboo/cotton layer on the top for extra snuggliness. Just note the placement of the double gussets. They may be less effective at a second barrier of containment when laying inserts outside the pocket of the nappy.


How many nappies do I need?

This is very dependent on individual use. Are you using them day and night? Just day? How often are you washing? How old is your kiddo? The answers to these questions will change how many you may need. A common rule of thumb is 20-25 nappies for one child in fulltime cloth washing every 2-3 days. 


Why don’t you use 100% or pure bamboo?

Because unfortunately the only bamboo fabric that is 100% is an awfully expensive handmade linen. Bamboo needs a stabilising agent as it can degrade quickly otherwise. Particularly under the rigorous washing and soiling that cloth nappies undergo. Pure bamboo is often at least 5% polyester to give it extra durability. I choose to use cotton because it is a stable fabric that is much better for the environment and is compostable at the end of its life, not to mention it is snuggly soft and safe against baby’s bum.


How long before I receive my order?

I package and send out orders daily, so the usual shipping time is 3-5 working days for deliveries in NZ. Delays at the moment are likely so keep an eye on your tracking link.


I ordered some items in the preorder, when do I get them?

Once the presale items have arrived at the warehouse, they will be packed and shipped asap, ideally within 24-48 hours.


I have ordered some items in the preorder and some items in stock. Can I get part of my order now?

If you have items that are both in stock and on preorder, all items will be sent out together once the preorder items have arrived. It is too easy to fill orders incorrectly otherwise and makes packing up preorders a much longer task. If you want items now, order the in-stock items on a separate purchase.


Do you have a retail store?

We have stock available at Homestead Health in The Palms Shopping Centre, Christchurch. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for updates of new retail partners.


Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely. In checkout there are options for different zones of shipping and the associated charges, Otherwise checkout the Shipping page for more info.


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes. If you are a retailer and interested in wholesale stock, please email me at enquiry@minimi.co.nz for more information.


What is PUL? Is it safe?

PUL or TPU is polyurethane laminate or thermoplastic polyurethane laminate.

This is a thin waterproof layer of polyurethane bonded to a layer of fabric (commonly a polyester knit or minky fabric). The PUL is made using the modern method of thermal bonding without the use of chemical solvents. This not only makes it much more eco-friendly as well as safe against baby skin, but also makes the fabric more pliable and softer. Therefore, PUL is commonly called eco PUL as well.

The old method is rarely used due to the toxicity of the solvents used in the bonding method.


My inserts are so massive! They look too big for the nappy?

Our inserts are only made of natural fibre sources which tend to shrink quite a lot, particularly with the rigorous higher frequency washing that is required for reusables. This is why we made our inserts extra-large, that way once they have shrunk, there is no disappointment at how tiny your inserts have become! We have also made sure that our insert system works with your baby as they grow, so the smallest through to the largest with booster match the lengthening of the body as well as the increased absorbency need.


Do you sell microfibre or charcoal bamboo inserts?

The short answer… no. I am very conscious of the use of microfibre and polyester, so I have decided to provide natural fibre sources instead.

Microfibre deteriorates and can need replacing, it sheds microplastics into the water supply, and although is a quick absorber, it is limited in capacity and is known for compression leaks (think soaked sponge when you squeeze it).

Charcoal bamboo is polyester with a small amount of bamboo ash, with often the inner parts being made of microfibre and bamboo ash. Again, the capacity is limited, and it has similar properties to microfibre, but it is safe against babies’ skin and is generally tolerated better than microfibre. Both usually require boosting with a natural fibre insert anyway, as baby gets older which is more money out of your pocket.

In the end I want to sell you something that will last your baby and meet their changing needs. I want this to be all you need, so you save money and we save the environment a little together.



Menstrual/LBL Underwear


Do they feel wet?

Nope, unless they need changing. If the knickers feel wet, they are full.


Do they smell?

Nope. With a good wash routine, there should be no smells. Any smell you do notice should be checked further to make sure your washing is following care guidelines. If this is ruled out, please also check with your Doctor to make sure you have good vaginal health.


Do they leak?

Nope. Unless they are full! If a cup is full, the water will flow over the top and these underwear are the same. If you are a gusher on your heavy days, keep a back up pair with you to swap out.


Do they feel like wearing nappies?

Nope. The knickers have extra layers than your usual underwear, but with good reason! The layers are super thin and there to catch menstrual fluid or bladder leakage. But the underwear is still much thinner and less bulky than a heavy disposable pad!


Can I wear them everyday?

Absolutely. We love them for everyday and these have quickly become firm favourites for running around with our kiddos.


How often do I change them?

It depends on your flow. Some will only need one pair during the day and one pair for night time for most or all of their period. Some will need a spare pair or two on the first couple of days when flow is heaviest. Some use these as back up on the heavy days and use other sanitary products alongside like a cup or reusable pad.

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