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Contemporary Queen Absorbent Underwear

Contemporary Queen Absorbent Underwear

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Absorbent underwear is lifechanging! If you haven't tried it yet, I cannot recommend it highly enough. The confidence it gives in all situations and its flexibility to suit all ages of women is making this underwear the eco-friendly game changer! No more crinkly wrappers and sticky pads, this underwear is discreet, easy to use and saves you money.



Absorption Info

Perfect for those who have a slightly heavier flow and need the extra absorbency or coverage, both day AND night (those back leaks begone!!!!). These can be used as backup for super heavy periods to catch any overflow or used alone for moderate/heavy and light flow. 

This winning combination can absorb 4-5 tampons of fluid. That’s around 20-25ml of menstrual fluid. 

As well as great for use during periods and postpartum, these are perfect for those of us who need some absorbency daily. 

Light bladder leakage is common and doesn’t need to be embarrassing or restricting. This underwear is waterproof and exactly what we need for THOSE moments. Coughing, sneezing, laughing, running, or heaven forbid jumping...all are covered, as well as those that have a little extra trickle or discharge.


Sizing is true to size.

Models in pictures are wearing size 8 and size 12.

The waist is extremely flexible and we recommend sizing by fit around your leg.

Youth Sizes:

Size 10/12 is the same as Size 6 Womens

Size 14/16 is the same as Size 8 Womens


Do they feel wet?

Nope, unless they need changing. If the knickers feel wet, they are full.

Do they smell?

Nope. With a good wash routine, there should be no smells. Any smell you do notice should be checked further to make sure your washing is following care guidelines. If this is ruled out, please also check with your Doctor to make sure you have good vaginal health.

Do they leak?

Nope. Unless they are full! If a cup is full, the water will flow over the top and these underwear are the same. If you are a gusher on your heavy days, keep a back up pair with you to swap out.

Do they feel like wearing nappies?

Nope. The knickers have extra layers than your usual underwear, but with good reason! The layers are super thin and there to catch menstrual fluid or bladder leakage. But the underwear is still much thinner and less bulky than a heavy disposable pad!

Can I wear them everyday?

Absolutely. We love them for everyday and these have quickly become firm favourites for running around with our kiddos.

How often do I change them?

It depends on your flow. Some will only need one pair during the day and one pair for night time for most or all of their period. Some will need a spare pair or two on the first couple of days when flow is heaviest. Some use these as back up on the heavy days and use other sanitary products alongside like a cup or reusable pad.

Responsible Materials

Featuring a sophisticated, flexible, sheer mesh panel which is supported by a wide, soft knitted elastic waistband. The brief has a stretchy cotton/elastane outer and a super absorbent, cotton, full gusset centre giving you flexible skin loving comfort.

The waterproof layer keeps all the fluid where it is supposed to be, giving you confidence and protection.  

There is NO Polyester or Microfibre in our underwear fabric (outside of the knitted waistband and mesh).

Fabric Composition:

Against your skin :    

95% Organic Cotton 5% Elastane

Middle layers to absorb and protect: 

95% Cotton 5% Elastane and a layer of breathable PUL (Polyurethane Laminate)

Outer comfort:   

95% Cotton 5% Elastane

Responsibly made in China by a factory where staff are treated and paid fairly.

Care instructions

After confirming the fit, please wash before first use.

Our sanitary sticker is biodegradable and may leave residue on removing. This is normal and will come off in the first warm wash.

Step 1. Rinse
Rinse your underwear after taking off until water runs clear (If out and unable to rinse, pop in a wet bag to rinse when you get home). Gently squeeze excess water out and pop into laundry basket.

Step 2. Main Wash
Wash pre washed items at 30-40°C for at least 2 hours with full amount of wash detergent. Hang on line or rack in shade. If necessary tumble dry on cool.

Return policy

Please try on our underwear with your own underwear underneath.

Underwear is a sanitary item and sanitary sticker MUST be still on items if returning.

Items may be returned within 7 days of purchase. The items must be in new, unused, and unwashed condition with all original tags (as applicable).  Read more about warranty and returns here.


Free shipping is available for orders over $100 NZD.

Orders are packaged and sent out daily. The usual shipping time is 3-5 working days for deliveries in NZ.

Please be aware that shipping is currently having delays with the high volume of parcels and COVID.

International shipping can be very delayed and take up to 6 weeks for major cities. Rural or smaller towns may be longer.

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  • No polyester or microfibres in our fabrics.

    Many absorbent underwear that are marketed as using natural fibres are almost completely polyester/microfiber or have both hidden and undisclosed polyester. Minimi uses no polyester or microfibre in our underwear fabrics.

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    Try on our underwear over your own and if it doesn't fit, contact us at for an exchange. See full details in our Return Policy.