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Bamboo/Cotton Insert Set

Bamboo/Cotton Insert Set

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Super soft and deliciously lush, our Bamboo Cotton Insert Set is super absorbent and perfectly designed for your baby.

With natural fibre sources of bamboo and cotton, our inserts are super trim and super absorbent. Each insert is made up of 4 luscious layers of heavyweight 360gsm bamboo/cotton blend fleece.

Composition: 70% Viscose from Bamboo 30% Cotton

Carefully designed, tested, and used in New Zealand by a cloth mum.

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How to Use Our Insert System

Our Bamboo/Cotton Insert Set is made up of one large and one small insert . Perfect for daytime.

Our Hemp Inserts are designed with night time use and heavywetters in mind.

Snaps on our inserts and in the shell, mean our inserts can be used individually and together, in any combination that suits your baby.

Day Time Use:

Use the Bamboo/Cotton inserts to make 3 custom absorption levels.

Stage 1 is the small insert alone. Perfect for newborn, small babies and light wetters.

Stage 2 is the large insert alone. Great for those that have started to soak through the small insert alone. This works well for light/medium wetters and usually has enough capacity for most babies until their journey into toddlerhood.

Stage 3 is the 2 inserts snapped together giving you 8 layers of serious absorbability! This suits heavier wetters and older kiddos as their bladder capacity and ability to hold larger volume of fluids increases. For some this is enough for even overnight!

Night Time Use

Stage 1 is the small Bamboo/Cotton Insert with the 5 Layer Hemp Booster. Perfect for babies starting to sleep for longer periods that need the extra absorption but are still having the nappy snapped small.

Stage 2 for when the small insert isn’t quite enough, the long Bamboo/Cotton Insert can be used instead of the small insert for medium wetters.

Stage 3 is the XL Hemp Night Insert alone. Great for those that have started to soak through the small inserts. This suits medium wetters and older babies who have the nappy starting to snap in the larger sizes. This gives you greater coverage and seriously increases the absorption level.

Stage 4 is the XL Hemp Night Insert with the 5 Layer Hemp Booster. This gives you 10 layers of absorption, 9 of which are hemp! This is great for heavy wetters and bigger kiddos.

Stage 5 includes the large Bamboo/Cotton Insert at the front of the 2 Hemp Inserts which gives you a whopping 14 layers of natural fibre absorption! Great for kiddos prone to flooding and need faster absorption or very, VERY heavy wetters like mine!

Newborn to School-Fit

Our pocket nappies are made to fit from under 4kg to well over 21kg.

Our Inserts are designed to be oversized and extra long. We only use natural fibre sources for our inserts and these will shrink up to 30% over their lifetime. This is totally normal for natural fibres.

We wanted to be sure our inserts would match up with our extended fitting nappy, so the extra length will last right through to school age kiddos too.

The first pocket nappy system to fit a larger weight and height range, our nappy has been innovatively designed by a kiwi cloth nappy mum to fit for longer, be multipurpose, and save you money. 

Responsible Materials

With ONLY bamboo, cotton, and hemp, our inserts are made to meet absorbency needs without oil-based synthetic products. 

No microfibre, or polyester is used in our insert fabrics, reducing microplastics in the wastewater. 

Responsibly made in a small factory in China where the wonderful, experienced employees are treated fairly.

Care instructions

Please wash items before first use.

Inserts will take up 10 washes to reach maximum absorbency but one is all you need to prepare for first use.

Step 1. Dry Pail
If only wet, pull inserts out and put in an open container with good airflow (known as dry pail). If soiled, put poop down the toilet and spray or rinse excess off. Squeeze water out and dry pail.

Step 2. First or Pre Wash
Wash at 40°C for at least 30 mins with half normal amount of washing detergent (plus half scoop of wash booster if required). Place in fresh dry pail afterwards.

Note: For Night Nappies extend prewash to minimum of 60 minutes and at 60°C where possible. If unable to prewash in the morning, give a quick warm handwash or take them in the shower with you to give them a good rinse.

Step 3. Main Wash
Wash pre washed items at 40°C for at least 2 hours with full amount of wash detergent. Inserts can be hung on line or put in dryer. Nappy pockets hang in shade or on rack.

Return policy

Items may be returned within 7 days of purchase. The items must be in new, unused, and unwashed condition with all original tags (as applicable).  Read more about warranty and returns here.


Orders are packaged and sent out daily. The usual shipping time is 3-5 working days for deliveries in NZ.

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  • No polyester or microfibres in our inserts

    Many nappy inserts that are marketed as using natural fibres are almost completely polyester/microfiber or have both hidden and disclosed polyester. Minimi uses no polyester or microfibre in our nappy inserts.