Organic Chamomile Teething Spray
Organic Chamomile Teething Spray

Organic Chamomile Teething Spray

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All natural spray made with organic chamomile flowers for a calming effect. This chamomile tincture is infused for 6+ weeks. Tinctures are a safe, but still very powerful alternative to essential oils for babies. 
Essential oils contain only the volatile oils from the plant, however tinctures contain ALL aspects of plants including the volatile oils, tannins, flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids and glycosides. This makes tinctures safe to ingest, as opposed to essential oils which are best not ingested.

It also contains NO belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) which can be quite a controversial ingredient in natural products.

Chamomile has also been used traditionally for calming, and has been shown in studies to help with colic symptoms, inflammation, relaxation, hay fever & muscle spasms also.
Therefore this product has a wide variety of uses, and is safe for the whole family.
Please note, this product does contain alcohol, however this is at a similar amount to teething products on the market. 

There is approx 250 sprays per 25mL.
Made in Kaiapoi, New Zealand