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Onyx is a striking black fabric that is part of our solid colour minimalist collection. Perfectly matched with our Kiwi Kope print and our menstrual underwear.

Our perfect mini-sized wet bags have 1 pocket, great for keeping clean wipes, face cloths, and reusable absorbent underwear in. Available in our beautiful limited-edition custom prints as well as elegant minimalist solid colours, there is an option for everyone.

We love having clean face cloths in a mini wet bag. We then take a spare empty bag for used cloths which means no more expensive disposable wipes! It still makes face and general kiddo mess cleaning quick and easy, without burning a hole in your pocket or adding to the massive amount of general waste going to the dump. Win win! It lets us have everything we need when away from home whilst keeping everything separate and easy to find. Then when you come home, just chuck it all in the wash.

I do the same with my reusable menstrual underwear. I keep a clean pair in each bag and have one or two with me (depending on the flow that day) when out. That way I just take a bag in with me to the bathroom, swap out for clean underwear when I need to and pop the worn ones in the bag to take home to wash. So easy and discreet!

Made of PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric) these are waterproof just like your nappies and have 100’s of uses. The only limit is your imagination!

Super sturdy zips are easy to use, and the snap loop is great for hanging on the drying rack, the pram, the highchair, the preschool hook, the change table, your purse handle, and everywhere in between.

Just pop in the wash and dry before the first use.

Size 15cm by 20cm

Tested and used in New Zealand by a cloth mum and responsibly made in a small factory in China where the wonderful, experienced employees are treated fairly.


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